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Log of Project Posts: November 2015 - ongoing

6th June 2018

Permanent evacuation from Ambae reported in The Independent.  Further Arts invited by the people’s Paramount Chief, Benuel Garae, the President of the Ambae Island Council of Chiefs, to make documentaiton with the Ambae community.

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1st May 2018 

Further Arts interviews conducted on the culture of Shell Money and value in Vanuatu. 

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SCANZ / The Call
15th September 2017

Tracey Benson’s SCANZ Canberra led to a simultaneous ritual weaving betweeen groups in Vanuatu, Australia, Scotland and the US with a shared intent for an expansion of understanding between humans and the land. Formation of Trans-Art Alliance.

Networks for Care & Understanding

2016 - 2017

Audio listening and immersive communication workshops with partner galleries in Australia, England, Vanuatu. Meetings towards building community and reality hacking: Edgeryders Fellowship and at Hacking Reality at CCC33

Leweton Community Residency
March 2016

Foundational work with Further Arts and the Leweton Community in Santo. Katharine Vega and Toby Gifford as visit on an artist residency. Test shooting and recording story with 360 video techniques and binaural audio recording.

December 2015

Creative Activism during ArtCop21 Paris. Artist installations, creative co-ordinated activism and seed planting. Creative documentation of the protest activity and the reclamation of space with indigenous ritual outside Notre Dame Cathedral on the morning of D12.

Festival of Climate Ideas ONCA
2015 - 2016

Self-organised, collaborative workshops open to all in Brighton. ONCA takeover for Festival of Climate Ideas: story telling, chalking doors, digital communication portals and seed printing workshops. 

Local Time: Cascading

November, 2015

The C A S C A D E  started as an experiment in creative activism & storytelling - created across many different media streams by many different people - improvising experimental communication networks to invoke some alternative healthy futures for earth. 

The project started with a simple ritual of singing to the water in England in mid-Winter at a cascade in Hastings (recorded by hydrophone): a ritual to open up creative space for sustainable vital futures to live.