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How does wisdom travel?

What is Cascade Network?

Our mission is to put emerging communication technologies in service to the communication and cultural needs faced by communities relocating or in transition.

Cascade Network is researching and protoyping the creation of self-sovereign cultural and communication networks with communities in the Pacific. Each network is designed and owned by the community itself.

Through workshops with emerging technologies like Mixed Reality, Web VR and blockchain, we explore possibilities to support the communication of community wisdom. Holding artistic workshops using 360 video, binaural audio recording, photogrammetry as well as more experimental interactive solutions to document stories, wisdom and oral tradition with techniques that emphasise embodied communication and the land.


The Cascade Network has origin in 2015 at ONCA Gallery’s Festival of Climate Ideas and the #ArtCop21 during the Climate Talks in Paris 2015. The Cop21 clustered activists, artists, technologists and earth citizens to stand together for the planet and listen to the communities on the front lines of the Climate Crisis. 

During the meeting in Paris, a working relationship with the Leweton Community in Vanuatu and the NGO [Further Arts]( was initiated through artists Dr Toby Gifford and Kate Genevieve with the support of Dr Leah Barclay.

Festival of Climate Ideas ONCA ︎︎

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Creative communities

The Cascade grew with strong relationships between the Leweton Community, Further Arts, TransArtAlliance, Intercreate, Hitnet, Good of the Whole and WISN and connects diverse networks working for arts, media and indigenous rights.

During the evacuation of Ambae, the Ambae community asked Further Arts to support them in recording the stories of the island as community members permanently relocate to nearby islands. This invitation galvanised the Cascade Network to explore mobilising the creative and radical potentials of emerging digital technologies towards holding cultural knowledge with the aim of creating research towards supporting the cultural sovereignty of communities.

The network works together with the intention that - with trust, care and mutual respect - progressive network technologies can strengthen and respect creative cultural ownership and diverse ways of knowing.