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photo: Gina Kaltipli, Further Arts
The Dung Verei Festival is intended to be a platform for the performance of traditional customary activities known locally as kastom) including music, dance, food preparation, etc.  For the integration of community into the design of value networks and communication structures this is a key meeting.

A media team - headed by Vanuatu media practioners who are working with the Ambae community through Further Arts - will attend this meeting. The collection of experiential media (360 video and photogrammetry) in Ambae is scheduled for October.

The outcomes of the Shell Money interviews had applied for funding for a small group of people from Gaua, representives from Santo and also the Solomon Islands to a catalysing meeting on the revivals of shell money at the Dung Verei Festival which is to be held in conjunction with TORBA Day (Oct 1-2). This will be an opportunity for communication on Shell Money practices, and to engage with communities from the more remote island of Ureparapara - custodians of a slightly different lineage of shell money production - as well as others from Vanua Lava, and Mota Lava. Delly discovered a connection to the continuing practice of shell money production in the Solomon Islands - and also a kinship connections between the Gaua community and the Solomon Islands community (as confirmed by Chief Polwyn). An invitation was also made to adelegation from the Tulalip community and WISN.

We will prototype a physical offering embedded with media for this meeting and workshop with the community. With Sandy Sur we planned creating a woven object - using traditional weaving techniques  - and embedding
immersive film and immersive audio in the craft object. We are interested in creating an object that has undergone a seachange in the ocean. Having a physical prototype allows for playful exploration in community about how the Network can be designed and used.